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Best Natural Remedies for Melasma

One of the most embarrassing skin conditions to have to deal with on a daily basis is melasma. It affects the way your skin looks and makes you feel like your self-worth has diminished.

It causes dark patches to show up on different areas on your skin. The main place these dark patches caused by melasma will show up is on your face. The upper lip, cheeks, and forehead are the 3 most common places on the face that melasma will show up.

When you notice this condition becoming more visible it is easy to feel like you are not as pretty as you were before. It is because of this change in the way it makes you look at yourself that people with it wants to get rid of it. Both men and women can experience melasma but it is more common among women who are pregnant or are taking birth control pills.

A lot of the time when the woman stops taking her birth control pills or gives birth the melasma will disappear on their skin. However, there are some cases where the melasma doesn’t go anywhere even after the pregnancy or when birth control pills are not being taken anymore.

Another common cause besides pregnancy that can cause melasma are your genes. If someone in your family has or had melasma you are more likely to develop melasma too. Too much exposure to the rays of the sun can cause melasma to develop too.

This is why it’s important that you stay out of the sun or wear a lot of sunscreen to protect your skin and prevent melasma. According to, if your melasma condition is severe you should wear your sunscreen protection even when you’re inside the house.

Another important thing to mention about melasma is that it affects certain skin types more than others. If you have fair skin then you’re much more likely to develop melasma compared to someone who has a darker skin tone.

Home Remedies for Melasma

The most common treatment for melasma involves skin lightening creams that fade away the dark spots. Lasers and chemical peels are sometimes used as well to get rid of melasma. However, laser treatment and chemical peels should be a last resort because they can cost a lot of money and they can damage your skin if you use them too often.

There are natural remedies for melasma that work pretty well too. One of these remedies involves using turmeric because it helps whiten your skin and keep it protected against the sun rays. The best way to use this remedy is to get it in powder form and mix it together with some warm water and then apply the paste directly on the dark patches on your face.

Now that you know how to treat melasma it shouldn’t be long before you can finally get your normal face back. Just remember to use peels and lasers as a last resort after you’ve tried using skin lightening creams and remedies like turmeric.