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The benefits of kratom tea and the right amount to consume

According to experts, drinking kratom tea could prevent some diseases like depression and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Did you know that drinking kratom tea in doses ranging from two to three cups a day could reduce the risk of Parkinson’s, cirrhosis and even depression?

There is a lot of speculation about kratom tea, whether its consumption might or might not affect people’s health, for some it would be harmful, while others point out that at low doses could generate great benefits.

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According to study, the consumption of kratom tea, in excess of the day, occurs when a person takes more than four cups per day, which according to the specialist is equivalent to 400 Mg. of coffee.

That is why, before these figures are necessary to evaluate the negative and positive contributions of this drink and what is the recommended daily dose, especially in the winter, where their consumption increases considerably.

Kratom Tea Benefits

According to study, excessive consumption of kratom tea can generate notorious symptoms, both in personality and physical problems. The main effects of excessive kratom tea consumption are an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Also effective for the person who suffering from insomnia and anxiety, as well as abdominal discomforts such as acidity, nausea, and reflux.

However, the specialist is clear in separating the negative and positive aspects of this kratom tea effects. “Among the positive contributions generated by its consumption, it is necessary to list, for example, the reduction of diabetes risk. In asthmatics, drinking kratom tea improves lung function tests for at least four hours. It also generates benefits by reducing the risk of Parkinson’s.

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The specialist adds that kratom tea has a significantly higher antioxidant activity than any other tea, it is herbal tea so it would decrease the risk of colon or bladder cancer. Also according to most prospective studies, the consumption of this product has not revealed any association with a significant increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease, a perception unknown to the majority of the population, which always links to kratom tea with cardiovascular problems.

Other kratom tea benefits include reducing the risk of kidney stones, preventing liver fibrosis, and reducing the risk of depression, always considering an ideal daily intake of only two or three cups per day.