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Why I Decided to Try Plastic Jewelry

Since I was a kid, I can remember having skin breakouts from metal containing accessories. Necklaces, watches, belt buckles, hair barrettes, my body reacted to them all. By far, the worst problem was with earrings. I tried painting nail polish over the posts and buying more expensive sets, but I continued to have trouble. Even some of the nicer, more expensive metals would give me trouble. As I got older, I learned that I probably have an allergy to nickel and I learned to suggest other gift ideas for well-meaning friends or family when special events or holidays approached. Still, to this day I miss out on being able to add some pop to my outfit with a brightly colored pair of earrings. I still try a pair every now and then, especially after my daughter suggests that I add a nice set of earrings to complete my outfit. Without fail, after a day or so, my earlobes become swollen and red and remain that way for a few days after I take the offending jewelry out. My sister has really come to appreciate this habit of mine because it inevitably ends with her gaining an unexpected new accessory whenever I happen to feel hopeful enough to try a new pair of earrings.

A friend of mine noticed my swollen red earlobes one day and asked about them. She told me that she prefers plastic posts to metal because she also reacts to nickel containing jewelry. I was skeptical at first and cringed a little when I pictured the flimsy looking plastic earrings I had seen at the boutiques when I was a kid. I told her about my hesitation and she offered to show me several pairs of nice looking, quality earrings that she owned and could wear frequently because they did not contain metal. Could plastic jewelry products have changed a bit since I was a kid? I decided to give plastic earrings another try.

That evening I looked around online and came across several websites such as As I browsed the selection of hypoallergenic plastic earrings, I was pleased to find that they were classy looking and were designed to be strong. According to the website, one company has found a way to harden the material used in surgical sutures and uses if for earrings. Pretty colored crystals in a variety of vibrant hues are placed in the studs. To say I was excited to try a new pair of earrings is a big understatement. The price was within my budget and seemed well worth it if I could add a fun splash of color to my outfit and avoid the itching and redness I experienced with other earrings. I decided to try a pair of plastic earrings with Peridot crystal. I also purchased a clear crystal set that would go with anything. When they arrived, I tried the bright green pair first. After a few days and a handful of compliments later, I am happy to report they did not disappoint.